Friday, June 24, 2011

Brooklyn's Greenmarkets for Nona Brooklyn

Last month I shot this Photo Feature for Nona Brooklyn about Brooklyn's Greenmarkets and its farmers. Nona Brooklyn is a resource for Brooklynites looking to discover local, artisanal, sustainably-produced and just plain good food in Brooklyn.

Rhubarb being sold by Red Jacket Orchards at the Greenpoint / McCarren Park Greenmarket

KIra Kinney, owner of Evolutionary Organics holding a bunch of their green garlic at the Grand Army Plaza Greenmarket. The farm from Ulster County, NY. specializes in growing certified naturally grown vegetables, carries seedlings for your garden of every kind and collects your compost. 

Artwork by Sally Mara Sturman for Blue Moon Fish. There is always a line to buy the local seafood caught from their boat, The Blue Moon, off Eastern Long Island.

Will McEvoy of Blue Moon Fish at the Grand Army Plaza Greenmarket.

Cayden Lovejoy pausing to show us some of the freshly caught fish. They sell whole and filleted fish, shellfish and their very own smoked and pickled fish.

Apples and Rhubarb at Red Jacket Orchards from Ontario County, New York, at the Greenpoint / McCarren Park Greenmarket.

Jo Mickek working the never ending line to pick up fresh dairy milk, yogurt, butter and ice cream from Ronnybrook Farm, from Columbia County, New York.

Zubin Hensler of Madura Farms, from Goshen, New York, selling exotic mushrooms, many of which have medicinal properties. Pioppini are just one type of the many they have on hand at the market.

Father and daughter, Ray and Kelly Kettenring of S. & S. O. Produce Farms from Goshen, New York.

Rubarb, bok choy and scallions are just some of the many varieties of produce they haul to the market in beautiful wooden crates.

Onions, radishes and tatsio are all displayed in abundance by S. & S. O. at the Greenpoint / McCarren Park Greenmarket.

And if all that great food was not enough there are also gorgeous flowers sold by Brooke Green and Caroline Contillo of Dutchmill Garden as a well as a Dobro player for your listening entertainment. 

All images © Valery Rizzo

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Botanical Artist - Angela Mirro

Photo © Valery Rizzo

I photographed Botanical Artist Angela Mirro in her greenhouse filled with plants and orchids which is housed in an extension off of her Clinton Hill, Brooklyn ground floor apartment.

Angela's work is contained in many private collections and is included in The Shirley Sherwood Collection , London, England, The Brooklyn Botanic Garden Florilegium Society, Brooklyn, NY, The Atlanta Botanic Garden, Atlanta Georgia and that of The American Orchid Society’s Headquarters in Delray Beach, Florida. 

She was commissioned to create the posters for The New York International Orchid Show, The Miami Orchid Show, The Club Peruano De Orquideas Orchid Show and The American Orchid Society's 75th Commemorative Anniversary.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Featured Artist on

I was honored to have my work featured with a short story by the nice people over at Toycamera is the world’s largest independent Toy Camera community forum which strives to bring together photographers from all over the globe to share ideas, images and concepts. See the full story here...