Sunday, May 27, 2012

Brooklyn Homesteader and New Amsterdam Market

Photo © Valery Rizzo

Some photographs I took of Megan Paska (Brooklyn Homesteaderfor an upcoming story for Nona Brooklyn about Hayseed's Big City Farm Supply in Greenpoint, Brooklyn were published on Grist delivers environmental news and commentary with a rye twist.

All images © Valery Rizzo

I also went to the New Amsterdam Market for the first time last weekend, actually to visit a fishery whose CSF (Community Supported Fishery) I bought a share of this season. I had a ball photographing all the food vendors there. Posted some shots on Facebook and now these shots and many more will be published in the next beautiful Sweet Paul Magazine. Really looking forward to that.

So we went out to dinner with some friends who are photographers and in talking about my work, one friend described it as naturalistic in style and it got me thinking about how everyone now seems to be doing so much post production to their photographs to give it a certain look. I don't really do too much of that personally, I like contrast and I alter the exposure of the images to affect the mood and give it the feeling that I prefer but other than that I always believe the work should remain how it was shot and that is where the creative process should begin. We never altered film. But it has me thinking about whether I should be exploring more filters and such, is that what creates a unique style? What do you think about post production?? Is anybody out there? reading this blog?? 


  1. i was struck both times you photographed my backyard by how completely uninterested you were in styling or organizing or controlling the shots. You just wanted to see what unfolded. I would definitely call it naturalistic. (Looking on my screen, as I type this, at the beautiful shot you took of my daughter in front of our chicken coop, a shot that unfolded perfectly!)

  2. Thanks Larissa! it's so nice to get feedback and it's funny I almost posted the shot of Djuna you mentioned as well in this post as I am preparing a pdf presentation for the Brooklyn Navy Yard. Loved your comment, thank you. It's nice to know someone is listening.

  3. one of the many things i love about your work is that it is not over produced, glossed up. it comes off as in the moment, vivid and alive. i love your photos, whether of people, food, whatever - you capture the shine and spark just the way you shoot. and i look forward to your blog! so thanks for posting.

  4. Thanks Catherine, I am glad you look forward to my posts :)